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Why should we choose you to organize our wedding?

For many couples, organizing the wedding may be too stressful. It is not only about the selection of a wedding place, the color of the decorations or flowers. It is possible that you will be confused and will not know where to start, what are the prices, how to choose the right place for the wedding or how to choose the suppliers. By planning, you will encounter many issues to be solved, such as time management and the selection of the most suitable suppliers. Our task is to take the responsibility and take care of all matters related to your wedding day. We can save your time and budget, eliminate your concerns, and organize your day, so you can enjoy it in full and without any stress!

What kinds of weddings do you organize?

We organize all kinds of weddings – civil, church, express, weddings in various foreign destinations.

What services do you offer regarding the wedding planning?

We offer a complex realization of weddings and events – more from our services you will find in the section “Our services”.

Do you charge a fee for an introductory consultation?

NO WAY! Our introductory consultation is free of charge! It is a chance for us (as well as for you) to get know each other and find out, whether we can cooperate.

Regarding the complete organization of the wedding, do you charge an hourly rate, fixed rate, or a percentage from our total budget?

For our services, we charge a fixed rate. Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will send you the pricelist of our services.

What you will be wearing at my wedding?

For all weddings and events, the coordinator, as well as his/her assistants, will wear formal agency clothing.

How much is the decoration realized by your wedding agency?

The price of the decoration depends on several factors, such as the richness of floral decorations, amount, and the kind of used inventory. Please, contact us for receiving more detailed information about the price offer.

How big weddings have you already organized?

We have already organized many weddings of all sizes – from small private weddings, with only a groom and the bride, up to big-size weddings with hundreds of guests from Slovakia and other parts of the world.

Do you offer the organizing services also for other kinds of events?

Our main focus is put on WEDDINGS.

However, we can help our clients also with organizing the birthday parties, company events, conferences, or balls.

How often will we communicate?

In our agency, there is a strict rule that we reply to all emails, calls or SMS messages in time and promptly. We will reply to 24 hours.

Will you be there with me also during the wedding day?

Of course! I will be present at your wedding during the whole day; and, as necessary, together with one or more assistants.

Can you fulfill every requirement regarding the catering?

Yes, our team of talented cooks will happily fulfill all your catering requirements.

The place, where my wedding will take place, already has its event manager. Why do I need the wedding coordinator?

The event manager and the wedding coordinator are two different persons. It is true that their obligations may overlap; however, it is an added value to have both at your wedding, since they are the professionals and can cooperate. Whereas the event manager takes care of a smooth run of the services ensured by the given wedding place, the wedding coordinator is with you from the very beginning of planning your wedding day, help you by the selection of suitable suppliers, work with your budget, create the wedding timeline and focuses exclusively on YOU!

I want to decorate my wedding place on my own. Can I rent an inventory from you?

Yes, of course, we are open to rent our inventory, and upon agreement, we will deliver it to your desired place.


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